NOTE: Felt soles on boots are NOT allowed in Alaskan waters starting in 2012!

Don’t bring them!

               This ban aims to prevent the spread of harmful aquatic invasive species.


[ for more information please visit:  USFWS ]



  • This is a fishing lodge and you’re on vacation – comfortable, casual attire is appropriate.
  •  Cotton is okay for lounging around the lodge.
  •  Comfortable shoes, sandals or slippers for indoors and/or near the lodge.
  •  Walking/Hiking shoes – If you want to hike in the evenings. We have a nice 45 minute hike to a spectacular waterfall.
  •  Shorts/Swimsuit for hot-tub.



  •  Long underwear – Bottom & top. Polypropelene/Capilene or Merino wool. They are a good base layer.
  •  NO COTTON underwear! Absorbs water and will not dry while you’re wearing it, therefore, will not keep you warm.
  •  Fleece/Thinsulate pants for under your waders.
  •  Fleece/Thinsulate pullover or shirt. We like the hooded style.
  •  2 long sleeve fishing shirts w/several pockets.
  •  Polar Fleece/Thinsulate jacket. Extra layer for colder weather.
  •  Fishing hat. We suggest a brimmed hat. You’ll get a baseball cap when you get here.
  •  Light weight fishing socks that wick. Polypropelene/Capilene. To go under wool socks.
  •  Merino wool heavy boot socks. 2-3 pairs.
  •  Rain coat / Wading jacket w/hood – Good quality! Gore-tex is best. It doesn’t have to be long since you’ll be in chest waders.
  •  Gloves. Fingerless fleece gloves work well.
  •  Stocking hat.
  •  Waders. Chest high Gore-tex. You may borrow ours at no additional charge.
  •  Wading boots w/rubber soles. You may borrow ours at no additional charge.

                    DO NOT get cleated, studs, or spikes, and make sure the fit is not tight.



Fishing Gear: (If you want to bring your own)

  •  7 weight fly rod with WF floating & sink-tip line.

– In the airplanes we carry 4 wt & 7/8 wt Sage rods (4 piece) that everyone may use.

  •  Wading staff. Preferably foldable.
  •  Chest organizer tackle pack.
  •  Line clipper
  •  Nail knot tool
  •  Needle nose pliers
  •  Floatant
  •  Tippet material: 0x, 1x, 2x & 3x
  •  Strike Indicators
  •  Fly box
  •  Split shot: B & BB
  •  Reel lubricant
  •  Standard Flies:

              Egg sucking leaches, #2 & #4 – Black, Olive, Purple & Pink

              Wooly Buggers & Crystal Buggers, #2 & #4 – Black, Olive, Purple & Pink

              Flesh flies, #2 & #4 – White & Tan

              Deer hair mouse

              Woggs for salmon surface action

              Dry Flies: Humpies, Stimulators, Wulfs, Elkhair Caddis, Gnats & Mosquito

              Prince Head, Peacock, & bead head nymphs

              Beads – 6 & 8mm (Salmon egg imitation)



  •  1 good pair of POLARIZED fishing/sun glasses
  •  Camera w/ waterproof bag
  •  Normal toilet articles
  •  Medication
  •  Waterproof day-pack
  •  Sun screen
  •  Picture ID


REMINDER: No felt soles or studs on wading boots!


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